What is Mid Island Independent News?

Mid Island Independent News is a new start up project that aims to keep mid island residents informed about their own communities and broader region through in-depth journalism.

Expect to find feature stories showcasing interesting individuals — stories that localize national and international issues, as well as coverage of topics that have real impact on our readers.

Being independent gives us time to search for and dig into stories. Unlike more traditional news outlets, we create our own deadlines and fill our own (web) pages. This means we will only send you the very best of our content.

We (Tyler Hay and Kevin Forsyth) founded Mid Island Independent news after graduating together with a diploma in digital journalism and being thrust into a desolate media job market because of COVID-19. These circumstances did not kill our passion for local news — instead it forced us to be creative and build our own outlet to publish our writing.

Tyler has a background in photography. Throughout college, he worked as a professional sports photographer. Telling stories through visuals led him to pursue written storytelling. While a student journalist, he developed a passion for the unheard stories — features that would have never been told if he had not stumble upon them.

We met in college and our attention to detail created a friendship through hours upon hours of editing each other’s work. Kevin found himself pursuing journalism after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, working labour jobs and travelling the world. We found ourselves gravitating away from hard news and favoured the stories that not only informed, but created conversations.

Mid Island News and the people running it are new to the media landscape. We need your help to reach what we believe to be our full potential.

Send news tips to midislandindependent@gmail.com and subscribe to never miss a story.

Be sure to follow us on social media to stay connected!

@MidIslandIndie on twitter

@midislandindependent on Facebook

One thought on “What is Mid Island Independent News?

  1. Great stuff, a welcome addition to the island culture. What would be refreshing to see would be actual factual journalism to make a come back. I am no longer trusting of mainstream medias incessant need to add option and political slant to every story. Just give us the facts and let the audience form their own opinions.
    Cheers and I look forward to seeing what you produce 😎

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