Nanaimo to host Reuse Rendezvous

Nanaimo residents will have a chance to declutter and find bargains on household items during the city’s annual Reuse Rendezvous this month. On the weekend of August 8 and 9, residents are encouraged to set unwanted household goods on the curb outside their homes, marked with a “free” sign.

“The Reuse Rendezvous is a fantastic opportunity for Nanaimo residents to practice Zero Waste by redistributing usable household goods,” said Kirsten Gellein, zero waste coordinator at the City of Nanaimo.

Nanaimo has hosted a “Car Trunk Sale” for the past three years, but this year it was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. In past years, vendors and residents gathered in the Country Club Centre parking lot and shopped from the trunks of vendor’s cars.

“The reality of COVID-19 means many residents have held off on donating household goods and visiting thrift stores and sadly this year’s Trunk Sale was cancelled.  For the Reuse Rendezvous, this is a ‘pandemic perk’ — we’re anticipating some high quality items being set out at the curb on the weekend!” Said Gellein.

A press release from the city said the Reuse Rendezvous is Nanaimo’s largest running reuse event and encourages participants to stay safe while searching for bargains.

“Slow down, watch for children, park carefully and obey traffic signs and speed limits. Please be diligent in observing Provincial COVID-19 guidelines,” said the release. The city also said participants may want to consider disinfecting items before bringing them home.

People who want to find a bargain can search the city for free items throughout the weekend.  “Good used furniture, tools, clothing, sporting goods and toys are just some of the great finds you could discover. Please remember to take only items you can use,” reads the release.

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