Mission Statement

Mid Island Independent News is an independent local news organization. We are accountable only to ourselves and our readers. 

We’re here to listen to the people in our community. We want to know what is important to people, so we can better report what is going on. 

Our team strives every day to go deeper into issues, always keeping in mind the impact on the people who live here.

One of our goals will always be to challenge consensus and power — we aim to provide an outlet for unheard voices.

We recognize it is impossible to totally escape a paradigm and report with zero bias, but we promise to gather diverse sources and dig into all sides before publishing a story. 

We want our reporting to reflect the communities we are a part of, but we also are committed to finding, and reporting on, any issues and figures that can impact our readers.

Run by trained journalists, Mid Island Independent is committed to upholding the highest standard of journalistic integrity.